Danse Macabre

Death summons representatives from all walks of life, tempting them to dance along to the grave. 

I've been thinking about this for a while: I want to do a comic book/zine that is non-linear, based most of all on the plain craft of drawing. The result is this little project called Danse Macabre, a 28 pages comic book, where Death travels geographically, back/forth in time, and between different layers of society. It's a celebration of human vitality and also (as the traditional Danse Macabre) a reminder of the fragility of life. 

Yet who’s not squeezed a skeleton with passion?
Nor ravened with his kisses on the meat
Of charnels. What of costume, scent, or fashion?
The man who feigns disgust, betrays conceit.

in every clime, Death studies your devices
And vain contortions, laughable Humanity,
And oft, like you, perfumes herself with spices
Mixing her irony with your insanity!
— Charles Baudelaire

These illustrations are all based on old archived photographs, they are drawn with ink, brushes and old fountain pens, on thick and grainy water color paper. They were created one each day during the Inktober challenge of 2015. Eventually each one will be available as limited edition giclée art prints.

Oh, how vain are the glories of earthly life.

Danse Macabre is available in a limited self-published edition (only 100 copies).

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