Last Breath

Last Breath is my first Kickstarter-project and it has been a fun ride so far! In the end, this is going to turn into a 28 page art zine with drawings done in only 15 minutes each. The original drawings are also up for grabs on the Kickstarter-page, as a part of the project funding.

I've never tried Kickstarter before, but have been wanting to for a long time. I have created a book campaign that I've never dared to launch, because it seemed to massive. Therefore it has been great fun to try out crowdfunding on a smaller project, and finding that it works really well. I must say that the Last Breath has had a wonderful start, 240% funding on the first couple of weeks!

Doing a finished inked drawing in 15 minutes is a brilliant exercise. I've also found that (just as with the 24 hour challenge) I get surprised/amazed by what comes out. The strong limitations of the concept seem to release a state of "flow", some sort of spontanous creative rush. Turning the camera on also heighten the "stakes" and the focus, reminding me of how Buster Keaton could do the worst stunts and not get hurt, as long as the cameras were rolling. (My challenge obviusly being much less dangerous, and also lacking his sort of genious.)

To make this even more interesting, I've also decided to let go of the originals.  If you throw in a pledge of around $100 (800 Norwegian Crowns), you'll get one of the original pieces together with the zine.

Read more at the Last Breath Kickstarter page.