Dunce is an alternative universe, where Calvin has grown up and moved to Norway.
— World Comic Book Review
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Big book of Dunce!

Only in Norwegian (for now), this book is now all over bookstores (in real life, and online). A beautiful, tactile book, almost 200 pages of Dunce, tons of strips plus sketches, bonus material, an unseen Brego-story and also some exclusive guest covers.

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A daily newspaper strip? In 2019?!


It started in 2016, I had been working on an autobiographic strip for a while. I picked a handful of strips, and shipped them off to the Norwegian strip competition runned by Dagbladet (a tabloid newspaper). For some reason, I’ve allways been drawing myself with a cone-like hat, a dunce-cap, so I named the strip Dunce. 

Dunce ended up winning the whole thing. The jury stated that “Dunce is a really good and unique strip that (…) has cracked most codes for becoming a successful comic strip. (…) It has interresting and recognizable characters that you want to get to know, a lovely and snap in the dialogue, and a timing and communication skills that makes you read with anticipation from panel to panel, without knowing what will happen next. Styve has also succeded in filling his characters with a lovely hot temper that creates great comedy.”

Best of all, the main prize was to be printed in the newspaper, on a daily basis, for four months, it ended up running there for 2,5 years. Now, after they cut all strips on weekdays (!), Dunce can still be read in Dagbladet on Saturdays.

Newspapers and magazines that are now running the Dunce strip is: Klassekampen, Dagbladet, Bergens Tidende, Adresseavisen, Stavanger Aftenblad, Fedrelandsvennen, Nordlys, iTromsø, Avisa Nordland, Strilen, Lunch, Radio Gaga and Framtida Junior.

I’m self-publishing my English Dunce-zines. In Norwegian there are now two book collections (on Egmont Publishing): Dunce - Førstebossen (2017, softcover), and Dunce - Lut og kaldt vatn (2019, hardcover).

What can I say?

It’s pure awesomeness.

Winner  Dagbladets Strip Competition  2016

Winner Dagbladets Strip Competition 2016

Winner   Pondus Prize  2017

Pondus Prize 2017

Strip of the Year  Dagsavisen 2018

Strip of the Year Dagsavisen 2018

Nominated for a  Sproing Award  2017 and 2018

Nominated for a Sproing Award 2017 and 2018

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Dunce 1
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Dunce 2
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I found Jens on Twitter a while back via his diary comics and immediately fell in love with his art style — in which I see a little Ralph Steadman and a little Quentin Blake. His simplistic character designs are deceptive and brimming over with life and vitality in a way that is surprising and deeply human.
— Robin William Scott, The Mini Comic Courier


In addition to having the strip printed in newspapers, I’ve been making self-published Dunce-zines (in English) with the help from Patreon and Kickstarter. The first four zines are available in my webshop. The fifth Dunce-zine will be available from August 2019.

“Affectionate, heart-warming and most importantly funny (...) Made me laugh out loud, something comics rarely do” 
— Splank (Comics blog, UK)
“This book is an enrichment! Funny, hilarious.” 
— Comicreview (German podcast)
“One of the smartest and most original Norwegian cartoons that has debuted in recent times.”
— Serienett.no (Norwegian comics news site)
Mr Styve’s gift is to reduce these complex emotions and scenarios to a four panel story which is injected with humour.
— World Comic Book Review
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Dunce is available to read/follow here:

A 28 page comic book about love, death and the ocean.

(…) after buying Cabin Fever online on a whim, I have to admit wholeheartedly that not only is this dialogue free comic more than worth picking up, it’s one of the best things I have read all year!
— Patrick Scattergood, Curiosity of a Social Misfit

Cabin Fever is gorgeous. Really beautiful. Jens has a really organic line, he’s one of those who blends cartoony with DARK really well. It looks fun, but has a foreboding of … Doom.
— Optic Blast, Podcast

That winter, an old punk song popped into my head and stayed for a while. I don’t know why, I hadn’t been listening to it for years. It was the song Cabin Fever by Nick Cave. Eventually, I searched it up, listened to the lyrics, and a story idea started to take shape.