DUNCE is a comic about a guy not totally unlike myself, trying to make it far up north, in Tromsø (Norway).

I found Jens on Twitter a while back via his diary comics and immediately fell in love with his art style — in which I see a little Ralph Steadman and a little Quentin Blake. His simplistic character designs are deceptive and brimming over with life and vitality in a way that is surprising and deeply human.
— Robin William Scott, The Mini Comic Courier

My comic Dunce has been running in Norwegian newspapers since January 2017. The strip is still running on a daily basis, and I'm hoping for more papers/publications, both here and abroad.

The first Dunce collection, Dunce Number one, is available in my webshop, see www.jensk.no. The second Dunce-zine is allready funded through a successful Kickstarter-campaign and will be available in August/September 2017.

Buy Dunce and other self-published comics at www.jensk.no

"Affectionate, heart-warming and most importantly funny (...) Made me laugh out loud, something comics rarely do" 
Splank (Comics blog, UK)

"This book is an enrichment! Funny, hilarious." 
Comicreview (German podcast)

"One of the smartest and most original Norwegian cartoons that has debuted in recent times."
Serienett.no (Norwegian comics blog)

"Like Watterson or Thompson, Styve’s simplified drawings are enhanced by his skillful use of traditional media."